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Decommissioning Fuel Tanks

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Decommissioning Fuel Tanks

CPA Contracting is your one-stop shop for decommissioning fuel tanks, removal of underground storage tanks (UST), and site demolition. We are capable of handling tasks related to fuel tank decommissioning including:

  • Civil Engineering tasks
  • Demolition of Structures
  • Fuel tank decommissioning
  • Tank decontamination
  • Tank excavation
  • Site surveying
  • Land decontamination
  • Safe disposal of materials
  • Site Reinstatement
  • Removal of Underground Storage Tanks

What You Must Know About Fuel Tank Decommissioning

Leaking tanks are responsible for significant soil and groundwater contamination. Fuel tank decommissioning is the process in which excavation and removal of underground storage tanks are done to validate the presence of damaged and poorly installed systems that may leak fuels, oil, chemicals and other types of hazardous liquids.
Decommissioning underground fuel tanks are being put in place to prevent significant contamination of soil and groundwater on a certain area.
Fuel tank decommissioning is a very strict process that only qualified people are allowed to perform this task in accordance with the strict requirements imposed by by NSW WorkCover, NSW DECC and AS 4976-2008. This guideline on the decommissioning of underground fuel tanks is being strictly implemented to ensure safe storage and handling of dangerous substances, as well as to prevent posing risks of contamination to other nearby structures.

Why Choose CPA Contracting for Fuel Tank Decommissioning?

We are recognised throughout the industry as a leading fuel tank decommissioning company servicing areas like Batesman Bay, Bathurst, Canberra, Goulburn, Newcastle, NSW, Port Macquarie, Sydney, Tamworth, Wagga Wagga and Wollongong. Here are some reasons why you should be using CPA Contracting for your next fuel tank removal job:

  • Efficient management and removal of underground storage tanks from small private sites up to the largest petrol stations.
  • Safe removal of underground storage tanks for the public, contractors, and fuel tank decommissioning staff
  • Nuisances like noise, vibration, and dust are kept minimal while decommissioning fuel tanks or while removal of underground storage tanks is ongoing.
  • Guarantee of decontaminated plot, ready for any development after removal of underground storage tanks.
  • Strict observance of safety and environmental regulations during fuel tank decommissioning.

CPA Contracting and Our Specialisations

Recognised as demolition and site remediation contractors, CPA Contracting provides fuel tank decommissioning services including underground fuel tank decommissioning and removal of underground fuel tanks to a variety of sectors including:

  • Government
  • Oil refinery companies
  • Environmental consultants
  • Property developers

CPA Contracting holds a class 1 (DE1) demolition license which is required by WorkCover regulations for Underground Storage Tank (UST) removal and for demolition and site remediation of chemical facilities such as petrol stations.

We specialise in decommissioning fuel tanks, asbestos removal, demolition, removal of underground storage tanks, contaminated soil removal, tank removal, and other site maintenance services.

Areas We Serve:

CPA Contracting offers removal of underground storage tanks, fuel tank decommissioning, and other site remediation services throughout most of NSW including the following areas:

  • Sydney
  • Wollongong
  • Newcastle
  • Canberra
  • Goulburn
  • Tamworth
  • Bathurst
  • Wagga Wagga
  • Port Macquarie
  • Batemans Bay

Fuel Tank Decommissioning Services Include:

  • Demolition of petrol station, industrial units, and commercial sites.
  • Removal of Underground Storage Tanks (UST) fuel storage.
  • Elimination of all types of liquid, chemicals, and solid waste.
  • Elimination of asbestos contaminated soil including hazardous waste.
  • Environmental tests and reports to NSW DECC procedures.
  • Massive excavations for all types of soils including compaction.

CPA Contracting is a Licensed and Insured Fuel tank Decommissioning Company

  • Demolition Unrestricted Licence No: 204544DE1.
  • Friable Asbestos Licence No: AD211128.
  • DECC contaminated soil transport licence No: 12514.
  • $20 million Public and $10 million Asbestos Liability Insurance.

Our fuel tank decommissioning staff are highly experienced professionals and have completed the following training:

  • WorkCover NSW/VETAB Accredited Course in Occupational Health and Safety General Induction Training for Construction Work.
  • In house training of AIP required among workers in chemical or petrol station sites.
  • Knowledge, implementation and conducting all work tasks on site in accordance with CPA Contracting Certified Safety Management System (AS/NZS 4801) and Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) to ensure safety to all workers, public and to the surrounding environment.

CPA Contracting is a proud member of:

  • Civil Contractors Federation (CCF)
  • Recognised Contractor with Australia Institution of Petroleum (AIP)
  • DECC contaminated soil transport
  • Petroleum Industrial Contractors Association (PICA)

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